NK-Projekt Berlin: Raga

14.6.2014 NK-Projekt Berlin. Considering Erik Satie’s Vexations: 12 Hours of New Music. Laptop Performance. 

is a spatial audio piece and was specifically composed for the NK Projekt Vexations concert, using a variety of new and older material of mine. It stretches over an hour, is slow moving, with several sustained sections which display ever new combinations of sounds distributed and moving in space, sometimes slowly, sometimes at breakneck speed until they get distorted. 

A SuperCollider Production Environement

2014-04 NK-Projekt Berlin. A SuperColider Production Environement. Presentation.

I will be presenting  my SuperCollider GUI and production environment and discuss the ideas behind it at NK-Projekt in Berlin at 8pm on Wednesday,  April 30th.
The system includes many IDE features like project management, quick access to files, automatic SynthDef GUIs, a GUI scrap board with preset saving, expandable MVC architecture, a score system and view for synth objects, etc. The idea behind the whole thing originally was to make an dirt-simple production system, which I could then use for incrementally and conveniently adding features to itself as needed. This system then developed over many years.  I will discuss some of the basics about how to make your own. 

8pm on April 30th

NK-Projekt Berlin
Elsenstr. 52/
2.Hinterhaus Etage 2
12059 Berlin Neukölln

Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf: Workshop in April 2014

What is Space?
Workshop exploring concepts of space and how we experience and express space in art.

April 15-16 2014.

NKProjekt Berlin: Workshop in April 2014

What is Space?
In this workshop we will spend 2 days exploring concepts of space and how we experience and express space in art. The workshop is open to artists of all disciplines.

April 12-13 2014.
Workshop results will be exhibited on April 13 at 19:00

at NKProjekt Berlin

Summer Workshop for Experimental Music 2013

What is Space?

Munich, Wednesday, July 31, 2013.

A Performance-Lecture by Jost Muxfeldt. An exploration of the boundaries of the concept of space in audio art, music, and beyond.

At the Sommerwerkstatt für experimentelle Musik.

Drupal Workshop at N.K. Projekt, Oct 21 - 22 2012

Drupal Beginner's Workshop with Jost Muxfeldt
Drupal is an extremely powerful, highly configurable, web content management system (CMS), which has gained popularity, particularly among artists, because of its flexibility and ease of use. More accurately, it is a framework with which you can realize anything from websites, blogs, to complex web applications.

NK Projekt
Elsenstr. 52 2HH 2Etage
12059 Berlin
Tel. +49(0)17620626386

SuperCollider Presentation at N.K.

I will be presenting some of the work I have done using SuperCollider, including AudioKinematics, as well as a spatial improvisation environment I have been working on. If there is time, I will also talk a bit about using sound in space in general. 
Monday, September 17, 2012, 20:00

N.K., Elsenstr. 52 
2.Hinterhaus Etage 2
12059 Berlin Neukölln

2010 SuperCollider GUI Programming-Workshop

Jost Muxfeldt will be leading a Workshop in SuperCollider GUI Programming at the SuperCollider Symposium 2010 23-26 Sept., 2010

Residency at Tesla

From October to December of 2006, Jost Muxfeldt will be in residence at the Tesla Media Arts Center in Berlin to work on the project,
Audio Kinematics .


STUDIO JOST MUXFELDT provides programming for the joint project of Martin Riches and Takumi Endo, "Off the Wall", which is part of Takumi Endo's on-going project "Phonethica". DAAD/Tesla , Berlin, 2006

DAM – Deutsches Architekturmuseum

2005, July 2-24. Exhibit in the German Architecture Museum Frankfurt. Graphics by Jost Muxfeldt of the Frankfurt Airport Terminal 3. Design by HPP Hentrich-Petschnigg & Partner.