2014 NK-Projekt Berlin. A SuperCollider Production Environement. Presentation.

Drupal Workshop at N.K. Projekt, Oct 21 - 22 2012

2010 SuperCollider GUI Programming-Workshop

2007 Transmediale Festival, Berlin. Audio Kinematics. Exhibit/Installation as part of Tesla at Transmediale.

2007 Ultraschall Festival, Berlin. Audio Kinematics . Exhibit/Installation as part of Tesla at Ultraschall.

2006 programming for Takumi Endo and Martin Riches, Phonethica: Off the Wall. Tesla Media Arts Center, Berlin.

2005 International Conference Architecture and Philosophy: Arakawa and Gins. Université Paris X  Nanterre. Lecture: Architectural Knowledge

2005, July 2-24. Exhibited in the German Architecture Museum in Frankfurt: Graphics of the Frankfurt Airport Terminal 3, design by HPP Architekten, Leipzig.

2004 Brandts Museum, Odense. Computer graphics and joint project (Audio Surfer) for the solo exhibit of Martin Riches

2001 IRRAH-Verlag, Berlin. Performance of Non-Soliloquy

2000 Museumsquartier, Vienna. Audio Surfer. Joint project with Martin Riches

2000 Akademie der Künste, Berlin . Audio Surfer. Joint project with Martin Riches

1999 Galerie NY / IRRAH-Verlag, Berlin. The Mexican Dog

1999 Festival für Experimentelle Musik, München. The Mexican Dog

1998 Verein für experimentelle Musik, Darmstadt. Performance ... 40 Iterations for a piano module

1994 "Klingende Dinge" in Linz. Programming for the installation of Laura Kikauka